What’s Your Greatest Health or Fitness Challenge?

January is typically the time for new beginnings and lofty goals.  Often, they include some “get healthy” resolution.

“Lose 20 pounds!”

“Eat better.”

“Work out regularly.”

“Use the gym membership I just bought.”

Run 10 miles every week.”

Did you set a new year’s health or fitness goal?  We’re one week into the new year.  How’s it going?

If you haven’t yet started, it’s not too late.  Improvement doesn’t have to be perfection.  Just improve from day to day, week to week, month to month.

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Are you trying to lose body fat?  Is you health suffering because of neglect; could it be a correctable condition?

Are you trying to keep up with the kids?  The grandchildren?  Your spouse?

Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning?  Is it difficult to tie your shoes?  Do you have nagging, chronic pain in your back, your neck, your shoulders?  Hips?  Legs?

Were you once in terrific shape?  Have you let yourself go?  Do you want to get back to that great body?

Do you know that it may not be too late for you?

Do you know that so many of the conditions I just described are correctable?  Some health conditions, even those that require medication, are reversible?

Do you know that you can have a better body than you did in your twenties?  And feel younger than your years would indicate?

It doesn’t take a new year’s resolution to make it happen, either.

Pressed for time?  It doesn’t require hours per day at the gym.

Hate to run?  It doesn’t require miles and miles of running.

Want to exercise at home?  It doesn’t require a major purchase of weights and benches and a lot of fitness equipment you’ll use once and never again.

All that is required is a decision.

Decide what you want to achieve.

Consider why that’s important to you.

Consider the consequences of not achieving it.  Where will you be three months from now if you don’t start?  Six months?  What will you feel next year at this time if you have done nothing to change things.

What’s your greatest health or fitness challenge?

Why is it a challenge?

What will you gain by confronting the challenge head on?  By doing something about it?

How can I help you overcome it?

Come on back tomorrow and the rest of this month.  Let’s discuss it together.

Let me know how you want to change.

I’ll let you know how to do it.

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